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Apartments in Succhivo

The apartments of the residence Le Pleiadi in Succhivo are embedded in an ancient citrus orchard and surrounded by a lush vegetation, including vineyards.

The planning of these recently renovated apartments has focused on bright spaces full of light and a rational use of volumes. All the apartments lead to their own terrace, in some cases overlooking the islet of Sant'Angelo and the open sea of the Southern shore of the island. The terraces, which are framed by small walls covered with plenty of plants and flowers, represent the ideal continuation of the interior, and are equipped with pergola and barbecue.

Succhivo is a small town at about 70 m above sea level, with hills rapidly sloping down to the Southern coast of the island, characterized by sheer cliffs of light-coloured tuff rock.

The village is very close to Sant'Angelo and lies at only a few minutes' distance from the sea and the small beach of Cava Grado, which in the IX century BC had been chosen by the Greek settlers as one of their first landing places. However, the town maintains a mostly agricultural vocation, a tradition linked above all to the growing of vines and the production of wine.

The hamlet of Succhivo displays a net of small streets and paths bordering ancient vegetable gardens, wine cellars and rural houses in a wonderfully quiet atmosphere, unspoilt by traffic noise. Those who visit it in September still have the opportunity to have a look at the vintage operations, which are here often carried out with the traditional techniques of the past.

The natives are simple and hospitable people with a very friendly attitude towards the guests staying in town. This is one of the reasons why year after year, from the first days of spring onwards, Succhivo enjoys the presence of regular visitors who use to spend here an extremely pleasant and relaxing time.